Transcript of the Conference Call

12 February 2014 Categories: News

Cale Smith

We had 22 people on last week’s conference call. Below is a transcript. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Transcript of Spoke Fund® Conference Call, February 2014.

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Conference Call Next Friday

31 January 2014 Categories: News

Cale Smith

Been too long. It’s time to reconnect. And never mind this social networking stuff. Let’s just do it the old fashioned way.

I will be hosting a conference call for old, new, and prospective Spoke Fund® managers at 1:00pm EST next Friday, February 7th. Dial-in info is below. And please consider this a forum, not a formal presentation. So come, learn, kvetch or otherwise fire away with questions.

Here’s the agenda:

  • Introduction around the (virtual) table
  • Recent developments and plans for 2014
  • What is working and what is not when it comes to…
    • Marketing and business development
      Advertisements – online and traditional
      Meet ups
      Research sites (Seeking Alpha, etc)
  • Operations
    • Tools and best practices
  • Compliance and Legal
    • Tools, firms and best processes
  • Research Idea Generation
    • Sources and tools
  • Communications
    • With clients
      With prospects
  • Things to improve and help spread the word, like…
    • Website changes
      Standardized literature to be used by everyone
      Research sharing
      Best idea presos
      Roundtable calls
      Need for additional tools
  • Future conference call schedule
  • Please let me know if you’d like to discuss anything else, too.

    And here is the call info:

    Dial-in number: 1 (605) 475-6006
    Access code: 548-1357

    Thank you and hope to talk more soon.

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    One Vid to Rule Them All

    18 February 2013 Categories: Marketing

    Cale Smith

    Remember that post about making an animated Spoke Fund video?


    Courtesy of Gopal Gantayat of The Free Investors

    Pretty sweet, eh?

    And Gopal has figured out a way that other spokesters can get the same video as the above – only personalized for you and your fund, too. Email me for details.

    And thank you, Gopal!

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    New Performance Reporting Features at FOLIO

    30 November 2012 Categories: FOLIOfn

    Cale Smith

    This weekend FOLIO will be rolling out a serious upgrade to their current performance reporting features. Could change how I’m currently tracking things. As per an email from FOLIO:

    - The Performance Reporting Center has been significantly enhanced with pages including an interactive performance graph. This new performance reporting capability includes the ability to compare performance against multiple benchmarks, display returns with or without fees, and download daily returns and market values. Additionally, as a reminder any benchmark you select on the model settings page will be the displayed benchmark for the subscribed folio.

    – A Portfolio Summary sidebar has been added, which provides beginning and ending values, summary cash and security movements, and both time-and money-weighted returns.

    – This enhancement is also available to your clients through the client website.

    – This set of enhancements is the first phase of a multi-phase roll out that promises to offer state of the art performance reporting to those using our platform. At this time, and as part of the roll-out, all features are included for no additional charge. As the full set of advanced features is completed and made available, certain advanced features/modules (or similar) will be made available for additional charges.

    Couple of other things they are tweaking with this update, too, from tax lots to IRA withdrawals to overhauling the Filing Cabinet, too. Give me a shout if you want me the full email.

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    Idea for a Video on Spoke Funds

    09 October 2012 Categories: Marketing

    Cale Smith

    Relaying an idea from another Spoke Fund manager that I thought could be a good one…

    If you haven’t heard of the cartoonist Hugh MacLeod, you can check out some of his work at this Tumblr site or his art site here, and Hugh’s blog is also here. And here is one of his recent presentations, too, which gives some context to the paragraph below.

    So the question is…how much interest among Spoke Fund managers is there in having Hugh create a 60 second animation video that explains the Spoke Fund concept? It will apparently cost from $8k to $12k to create a really slick animation video, depending on bells and whistles. Think it’s safe to say that cost is too high for any of us as individuals, but we might be able to share the cost as a group if the interest is there. The idea would be to create a cool, high quality vid that individual managers can use however they see fit, ostensibly for their own advertising efforts as well as to educate investors and prospects.

    I’ve had some surprising success with the videos on my own site, and would be happy to pay a bit more than equal share to fund the cost of the video. I’ll also devote some resources to some sort of PR push to be timed with the release of the final vid, too, if we get enough interest.

    So if you’d be interested, please let me know, and we will go from there. Thank you.

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    Pabrai Video Links

    18 September 2012 Categories: Philosophy

    Couple of excellent vids of Mohnish Pabrai, courtesy of Dustin at Sunrift Capital Partners.

    Video #1, also found here.

    And the second, originally from here.

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    Last Chance to Save on Registration Fees

    31 August 2012 Categories: FundLaunch Conference

    Cale Smith

    Please consider this the last call to register for FundLaunch 2012 before the conference registration fee increases by $100 on Monday night.

    So if you haven’t already registered, please click this link and sign up before the price goes up by $100 at midnight this Monday, September 3rd.

    Please email me with any questions. Thx.

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    FundLaunch Agenda – Register Now To Save Some $

    28 August 2012 Categories: FundLaunch Conference

    Cale Smith

    The second annual FundLaunch conference will be held on September 10 & 11, 2012, at the beautiful Marriott Beach Resort on Marco Island, Florida.

    Come on down and learn everything you ever wanted to know about launching your own Spoke Fund®. From compliance to trading to marketing. Meet other value investors, learn from veteran Spoke Fund managers, and hear some great investing ideas. And there’s that open bar thing, too.

    Please register for the conference right here before the price goes up this weekend. And here’s the conference agenda:

    Monday, September 10th:

    – Introduction to Spoke Funds

    – How to Prepare for Launch

    – Launching your Spoke Fund®

    – Productivity and Technology Tools

    – Compliance and Administration

    – Marketing

    We’ll run from 9:00am to 4:00pm that day, with a break for lunch. We’ll also have a killer cocktail reception up in the penthouse suite that night.

    Tuesday, September 11:

    – Lessons Learned & Pitfalls to Avoid

    – High Conviction Ideas

    Tuesday will run from 9:00 am to noon, so you’ll have time to catch a flight in the early afternoon. And the High Conviction Ideas session will feature conference attendees giving an overview of one of the highest conviction stock ideas they’re currently invested in.

    Please register for the conference here and then see the instructions in this post about reserving a room.

    And sign up soon. The registration fee will be going up this Saturday Monday, September 1st 3rd. So lock it in now, knowwhatImean?

    Thank you.

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    Spoke Fund Platform Pitch From Patriot Boot Camp

    24 August 2012 Categories: Miscellaneous

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    On Booking Rooms at FundLaunch

    15 August 2012 Categories: FundLaunch Conference

    Cale Smith

    Just a heads-up that the block of pre-reserved rooms at the Marco Island Marriott is apparently filling up fast…for the other conference we are riding the coat-tails of, not necessarily FundLaunch. That said, would ask you to call and reserve a room there sooner rather than later if you think you might be coming down at all. The rate you should get is $151 a night, compared to $239 regular. You can also cancel your room reservation by September 1st at no penalty.

    So if you’re thinking there’s even a chance you will show up, you can save a few bucks with little risk by reserving rooms now.

    To do that, please call Marriott Beach Resort on Marco Island – 1-800-438-4373 – and book your room from Sunday, Sept 9th to Tuesday, Sept 11 – and please tell them you are signing up under “The Hardware Conference.” (Again, we’re getting good rates under that show, which is run by a good friend of mine…easier to explain in person).

    And independent of booking your room, here is that link to register for the conference, too.

    Thank you.

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